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Surgeon Generals Warning:Cigars are not a safe Alternative to Cigarettes.

From the beginning01

Sitting fireside on a chilly winter evening, former Delta Force Master Sergeant Norm Hooten and Tim Young were swapping tales from days gone by with friends in between long pulls of their cigars and slow sips of whiskey. The men reminisced about the friends they made and lost along the way, and as the night grew colder, that’s when the idea of Hooten Young was born.

Hooten Young is more than just great tasting cigars and expertly crafted spirits. It is a brotherhood bonded in the love of freedom, family, and honor.

Giving Back to Our Nation’s Finest02

We’re serious about what we do at Hooten Young, after all, we wouldn’t put our name on something we wouldn’t smoke or drink ourselves. Hooten Young is for the soldier in all of us, but we are devoted to giving back to those who have proudly worn the uniform by donating 10-percent of all profits to Veterans charities.

Distinguished by how they’re made.
and what we’re made of.

That night brought memories of the past, into the thoughts of the future. They realized that one of the best ways to honor those gone before was to keep their stories alive. Stories they found easier to tell as the nights went on. The question became how to make the most of those long nights. For these guys, it was a great cigar, a rich bourbon or a vintage red that stretched through the evening.

They realized that the things that brought them together, would do the same for others. Born from the stories they shared, Hooten Young was created to help people slow down, bond with the people around them, remember those that are no longer here and to celebrate the selfless acts of servicemen and servicewomen.

Hooten Young is more than a cigar, it’s an idea—a belief that anything worth doing should be done with excellence and only when done at the highest standard can it truly honor those who are expected to give nothing less. It's only then that the stories live on.

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